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Online casinos have given bettors the chance to place wagers on exciting games and races from their mobile devices or laptop.

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This detailed comparison offers you all the information you need when choosing which online betting site is best for you.

The Best Betting Sites For UK Players

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Betting has long been a popular and thrilling form of gambling. With the rise of online casinos, many betting companies have moved online to offer punters the ability to bet on live games via their mobile or laptop.

Take a look at our guide which will help you navigate the world of online betting. We cover how to find a betting site that is reliable and secure, what to expect as a new player, and more! 

Many trusted betting sites nowadays have made the active decision to include online casinos. This allows them to broaden their customer base and grow their brand to different types of customers. These casinos will include classic games such as roulette, slots and blackjack. Providing you with the ability to bet on the latest sports and events without having to transfer money between accounts.


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  • What is the best betting site?

    The best betting site is one that is fully licensed and regulated, that offers generous bonuses and promotions for both new and established players, a range of sports and league games and a variety of betting styles. 

    There is certainly no one best betting site – you need to evaluate your own personal needs and then come to an informed decision. Our site is here to help guide you through that process, giving you insightful information on each betting and casino site and what to expect.

  • Which is the best online betting site in the UK?

    Bet365 is the top-rated betting site in the UK according to many, offering players a particularly excellent football betting experience. 

    Whilst it is not possible to define the best betting site in the UK, there are some clear market leaders. The likes of Paddy Power, NetBet, MansionBet and Bet365 all come with established, international reputations that demonstrate their professionalism.

  • How can I bet using my phone?

    If a betting site offers a dedicated app, you can download this to use on your mobile device or you can simply access the site through a mobile internet browser. 

    The vast majority of sites will nowadays offer mobile gaming, either through a dedicated application (available on your phones store) or via a mobile-friendly site.

  • What sport is the easiest to bet on?

    Football is not only the most popular betting sport in the UK, but it is often regarded as the easiest to win big at. 

    Arguably a very subjective question, the easiest sport to bet on is the one you know the most. It is far easier to bet on a game that you understand and can make informed decisions on, leading to you winning more often than not.

  • Which betting app has the best cash out?

    The betting app with the best cash out is one that offers both in-play cash out and partial cash out for players.

    Cash-out offers you the opportunity to end your bet mid-way through a game and take the money whilst in a winning position. Typically, more established sites such as SkyBet and Paddy Power will boast the best cash-out facilities, though they will still reap far below what could be won.

  • How do you read betting odds?

    The most common format used in the UK is fractional odds (e.g. 9/1 or 25/1). The first number represents how much a punter can win versus the amount they need to state to win that amount (the second number). 

    Odds will, in almost all cases, be given to you as a fraction. To calculate how much would be won, simply multiply your stake by the odds given i.e. £1 x ¼ = 25p profit in the event of success. 

    Odds format is given as an option. Use the site settings to change the odds to either fractional or decimal format. Follow the same process above to calculate your potential winnings.

  • What is the safest online sports betting site?

    The safest online sports betting site is one that is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Look out for UKGC accreditation at the footer of each page of the site.

    There is no one safest betting site, but by taking simple precautions you can avoid those more dangerous sites. Keep an eye on established customer support, recognised payment methods and an all-round good reputation with legitimate reviews.