Why Cant I Use My Credit Card On Gambling Sites?

Why Cant I Use My Credit Card On Gambling Sites?

This article is about why I can’t use my credit card on gambling sites.

If you are a gambler and have been wondering why it is so hard to make purchases with your credit card, this article will help answer some of your questions.

A credit card is one of the most popular ways for people to spend money. There are many reasons why credit cards are so appealing to use, such as their convenience, security features and rewards.

However, when a UK customer wants to gamble online, they can’t use their credit card to process gambling transactions because UK online gambling sites don’t accept credit cards. This article will explore how credit card payments became blocked from online gambling sites and why credit card deposits are no longer accepted.



Can you use a credit card for online gambling?

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the main body that provides guidelines for credit card companies and the gambling industry on how they should treat credit card transactions, such as online betting or playing online casino games, like slots.

The UKGC announced in January 2020 that they were introducing a ban on credit card gambling following their review of online gambling.

Credit card issuers and online gambling site owners had three months to implement the change.

The UKGC introduced this gambling act to protect people in the UK with a gambling addiction. The research completed by the UKGC found that problem gamblers were more likely to deposit funds at betting sites using credit cards by issuers such as Visa or Mastercard. When they did fund their deposit at gambling sites that accept credit cards, these players were compounding money and debt problems due to the fees charged by banks.



Can I play casino with credit card payments?

If credit cards are not accepted at gambling websites, how can customers play at an online casino with a credit card? Online casinos will offer alternative payment methods for their players. One example is Skrill, an e-wallet that lets people transfer funds from an account without using a credit card or bank account with the gambling website.

In addition, some online gaming sites will accept credit cards, but they have a higher risk of fraud and credit card companies won’t cover the losses if something goes wrong. Furthermore, these sites are not UKGC licenced, so it is a bad idea and not recommended for UK players to deposit and play there.



Should I try and find credit card betting sites and poker sites?

For UK players, we do not recommend that you try to find poker sites or betting sites that accept credit cards.

Credit card betting sites that allow UK players to deposit are doing so illegally.

The UKGC regulates online gambling in the United Kingdom. They issue licences to an online gambling service provider that meets all of the requirements for player safety.

If you provide your personal information and card details to unlicensed casinos, betting, or poker sites, you will not have protection.



Credit card betting sites banned in the UK from April 2020

The new regulations for betting websites came into force from April 2020 to help UK gamblers stay safe online and gamble responsibly.

Personal loans and other forms of debt were considered for inclusion in the ban but not applied.



Gambling on credit cards to be banned

Problem gamblers are more likely to suffer harm from credit card gambling.

Using a debit card from a provider like Visa or Mastercard to fund your online gambling avoids potential fees from banks or another service provider.



What about in-person gambling?

The ban applies to all online gambling and offline gambling. The only exception is an in-person purchase of lottery tickets.

A UK individual can not place bets using a credit card, whether that is a bet online or in-person.



Can I get a cash advance?

You can withdraw cash, up to a specific limit, on your credit card. Drawing money on your credit card is called a cash advance.

You will need to pay the withdrawal amount back, plus pay a cash advance fee and interest. The service is available with most credit cards.

What transactions are considered cash advances?

Even if you don’t withdraw cash, other transactions can qualify as cash advances, including gambling when buying lottery tickets.

If you are thinking about doing this, check with your credit card provider first to see if there is a cash advance fee.



Prepaid cards

The payment method at a gambling website of the prepaid card was unaffected by the ban on credit card gambling.

Many UK users enjoy the prepaid card deposit method. It involves making a cash transaction to load funds onto a card, usually Mastercard.

Cash transactions for purchases of prepaid cards can then be used to pay or deposit funds electronically, either in-person or at an online site, including for betting and casino.



List of the best online gambling sites for 2021

We know why the best gambling sites do not accept credit cards. So we have listed the top online casinos for UK players who accept deposits by debit cards and other banking options.

Considering that credit card gambling is banned to prevent problem gambling, we have included in our list the best online gambling sites that encourage players to gamble responsibly.

Also included in this list are those with no fees when you deposit money, plus of course, have a good range of casino games!

  1. Skol Casino – Play Now
  2. MrQ – Play Now
  3. Queen Vegas Casino – Play Now
  4. Jackpot Village – Play Now



  • Can I use my credit card for online gambling?

    Online gambling sites that the UKGC licenses can not accept credit cards for deposits. Credit card gambling for betting and casino games is not accepted at legal UK online betting sites.

  • How to block gambling site transactions

    An existing customer of banks or credit card issuers can apply a restriction that prevents them from being able to deposit and gamble at a gambling site, including; Barclays, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Monzo, MBNA, NatWest, Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander and Starling. They do this by putting a hard block on your bank account or debit card, which stops any transactions from going through to gambling sites.

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