Learn How To Play Slots Online In 5 Minutes Or Less!

How to play online slots!

Online slot games are the most popular game category at UK online casinos.

The popularity of online slots continues to rise amongst UK players, and once you learn how to play slots online and the differences between the best online games and the others, you to can enjoy safely playing real money slots.


How To Pick An Online Slot To Play

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Many players choose a slot to play based on its theme, for example, an Ancient Egypt themed slot like Book of Dead or Book of Ra.


Others choose based on the hit rates or payout rate (see below).


As you experience the features of slot games you will develop familiarity and a preference for certain games – and online slots games are exactly that, a personal preference.


And of course, a lucky win early on or hitting a bonus feature can massively change how you feel about a slot!


Here are some other things to consider when choosing which game to play…


Is there a promotion?

Look for bonuses at casino sites that give you extra funds or free spins if you play a particular game or group of games.


Check the RTP

The Return-to-Player (RTP) or payout rate of every game is shown in the help section of the game, or the paytable. You can use this to find higher payout rate games.


Hit Rate or Win Frequency

Do you prefer to win little and often, or are you happier playing for more spins without winning top hopefully land a much bigger win eventually? 


How To Get Started Quickly With Online Slots

Load a slot game at an online casino recommended by Casino Sites Online.

Select a bet amount and hit the spin button.

You will see the reels begin to spin, then as the reels slow down and stop, symbols will land in their final positions.

Match more symbols across the lines to win more.

Every slot game has an individual symbols collection, although there are some similarities.

Each slot game online also has different win lines and ways to win.

Look out for ‘wild’ symbols as they substitute for any symbol, and can make huge payouts when they land on your winning lines.

Also, look out for bonus or scatter symbols. Typically, when 3 or more of these show on the slot reels it triggers a special feature bonus rounds, like free spin games.


Features Of Online Slot Games – Mega List Glossary!

Number Of Winning lines 

Each game will show how many lines it is possible to win with on each slot spin.


Bet Amount

The cost to play one game round of the slot game.


Bet Amount Per Line

The cost of playing each winning line on a game round.



These are the columns that look like the ‘wheels’ of traditional, physical slot or fruit machines.


Number Of Reels

The amount of columns.



UK players are no longer allowed to use this feature due to a restriction imposed by the UK Gambling Commission.  


Help File

Each game offers information content about it’s features.



A table that shows the payout amounts and an overview of instructions for how to play the game.



A straight or angled line across the slot reels, usually numbered, on which a player can win.



Images or numbers on the reels.


Free Spin

A game round that is played for free.



Part or all of the reels spin again, giving you another chance at winning.



Usually huge prize amounts that builds with each additional spin played.



The topic which the game design is built around e.g. Adventure, Leprechaun or Aliens.


Payout Rate

Return-to-Player or RTP the percentage of all bets paid out to players as winnings. Rainbow Riches slots for example have around 95% theoretical payout rate (across all players and all spins).


Are you ready to play slots online?

This how-to-play slots online guide has walked you through the basics and given you an overview of playing the games at an online casino.


Casino Sites Online provides players with the information needed to play safely and enjoyably at UK online casinos.


Wishing you the best of luck at the slots! Happy spinning!


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