Multiple Casino Accounts – The Ultimate Online Guide

Multiple Casino Accounts

Can you create multiple casino accounts online? Why would you want to? The Casino Sites Online investigate and provide you with all you need to know.

What is meant by multiple casino accounts? There are two definitions; creating accounts at various casinos and creating multiple accounts at one casino.

Whether or not you would want to do either or both of these is based on what you want to get from your online casino experience. There are up and downsides to each.

The Casino Sites Online team has created accounts at all casinos featured here on our website. We have experienced the highs (big payouts and cashouts from bonuses) and lows (usually from not reading the t&cs correctly :/ ). So, we created this guide to help you know what you are signing up for.

Most information online about multiple casino accounts is in random forum posts, so we set out to fix that.


Remember to always read the terms and conditions of a casino site before creating an account.

Keep reading to find out everything about multi-casino accounts.


Creating Accounts At Multiple Casinos

With so many online casinos to choose from, it can be difficult for UK players to narrow down their choice of where to play to just one. 

UK players’ average number of accounts at different casinos is three or more. [1]

Want to know the benefits and downsides of having more than one account? Keep reading!


Multiple Casino Accounts – Pros

Welcome & Reload Bonuses

By creating accounts at multiple casino sites, you can claim many bonuses. Bonuses give players more funds to play games than they have by playing with cash only.


Try Different Games

Each online casino site offers a different range of games. Casinos work with multiple suppliers, so although you will find some familiar games across the best places, such as Rainbow Riches, Starburst, Book of Dead, and Live Roulette, there are other games exclusive to just one or a handful of sites.

Multiple casino accounts also enable you to play more than one casino game simultaneously, something that is not allowed when playing at just one site.


Test Different Casinos

The best online casino sites constantly invest in developing their casinos, and new casinos go live every month. 

By creating multiple casino accounts, you can find a casino you like and try new casinos.

Testing different casinos will also lower your spending with each casino, which may mean you don’t need to provide as many documents for verification.


Multiple Casino Accounts – Cons

Lower Loyalty Rewards

If your gambling spend is across multiple sites, you will qualify for lower reward tiers or loyalty points. However, these rewards are relatively small compared to the additional welcome bonuses you will claim.


Keeping Track Of Account Login Details

Another disadvantage of having multiple casino accounts is that you will need to keep a record of your usernames and passwords. 

It is not a good idea to use the same details at more than one website anywhere online, so your casino accounts should follow the same best practice advice.


Creating Multiple Accounts At One Casino

Online casino sites have clear rules in their terms and conditions or user agreements about whether they accept multiple accounts.

With these terms and conditions, the casino is trying to prevent users from claiming a welcome casino bonus (or other promotions and rewards) more than once.

The casino is also trying to prevent users from carrying out other activities classified as cheating, such as colluding in live casino games

You can not have multiple accounts in your name at most online casinos. Also, some online casinos will only allow you to have one account on your device or IP address.



Check If You Have Already Created An Account

It may seem obvious, but if you are an experienced player and may have forgotten about an old account created years ago, it is worth checking your email inbox or asking customer support if you already have an account before registering. 

You do not want to have any problems when withdrawing, which could risk confiscation of your winnings.


Read The Terms And Conditions

If a casino is ‘partner friendly’, you are free to have more than one individual from your address play.


Use Different Computers Or Mobile Phones

Even if the casino terms and conditions say partner-friendly, using different devices and internet connections in the same household may be advisable. 



Claim Multiple Bonuses At One Casino Using The Same Account Details

Even if the casino allows you to do so, you have the risk that they could confiscate your winnings due to a breach of the terms and conditions.


Submit Inaccurate Personal Data When Creating An Account

It may be possible to bypass casino account matching by changing personal details. However, again you risk that the casino refuses to pay out your withdrawals because you did not stick to the T&C’s.


Share An Account With Anyone Else

Never share your account information with anyone else. Keep your account and personal information safe and secure.


Should I use a VPN?

A VPN will allow you to access geo-locked content by making your connection appear as though it is in another location. If you are in the UK and want to play at UK online casinos, this is unnecessary.

They can also negatively affect your download speeds, which you may want to avoid for the best gaming experience.

One advantage of using a VPN to play at online casinos would be changing your IP address. Online casino T&Cs mainly include ‘one player account per IP address’. Using VPN connections would allow you to have multiple accounts at one casino from one location if you needed to. 


What to do next?

Now we can answer ‘What are Multiple Casino Accounts?’ knowing that it refers to multiple accounts at one casino or many accounts at different casinos.

There are pros and cons, benefits and disadvantages of multi-accounting and the decision about whether you should is down to the preferences of each individual. 

We hope that you found this guide useful as you navigate the wonderful world of online casino gaming! Please read our other casino guides and continue to learn from the expert Casino Sites Online team.

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