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The world of online gambling has expanded rapidly in the UK over the last twenty years.


With new casino sites opening every day, Casino Sites Online cut through the noise to show you the best new online casinos.

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Brand new online casinos

Here is our list of the top-rated new casino sites for UK players. Featuring some of the biggest bonuses available anywhere online, plus the best collections of casino games, you can be sure to find a new place to play.

Reviews to rely on reviews the best new casinos in 2022, and they’re deserving of your attention – enjoy an experience like no other casino site before it.

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New Casino Sites For UK Players

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Interested in finding a new casino site to play online? Our detailed guide offers all the essential information you will need to choose which new casino site is best for you.


Why play at new casino sites?

New casino sites are launched in the UK every month. Therefore, there are always new casinos keen to attract new customers.

With this level of competition, new entrants to the online casino market need to stand out against more established casino sites. One way that they do this is by offering greater bonuses and welcome perks to new players. These perks can come in many forms, from bonuses to free spins. It often leads to additional rewards as the site aims to keep your custom as a new player. 

New casino sites offer exciting platforms on which to play. They feature a host of new ideas and games seldom seen before on the market. Most importantly, many of these sites are keen to work hard to attract your custom. They can be relatively generous with their welcome bonuses and special offers. 

Such sites will typically boast some of the best promotions on the market. These promotions make them some of the most rewarding casinos with the best payout rates available. New casino sites are subject to the same licence conditions as their more established counterparts. You can therefore be assured that you are gambling in a safe environment.

The online casino market has been consistently growing in the UK for a number of years. 2021 was proven to be no different and the last few years saw a large number of new casinos enter the scene.

With so much choice, what are the benefits of choosing to play at a new casino site?

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  • Which new casino sites offer no deposit bonus?

    Many new sites will now literally give users free money to play on their site. This comes in the form of no deposit bonuses, crediting your account without ever making a deposit. Ensure that you read the small print before playing, however, as this will likely only apply to certain game modes.

    A no deposit bonus is rare for new casinos, but some do offer it. Check out our recommendations to see which new casino sites offer a no deposit bonus.

    Some of the new sites for this bonus include Jackie Jackpot, Lucky Thrillz and Winners Magic. These casino sites offer 25x free spins no deposit bonus and this is boosted to 50 free spins no deposit with the Casino Sites Online EXCLUSIVE bonus code “BURST50”.  

  • How to get free spins on a casino site?

    Free spins are included in welcome bonuses for new players signing up to casino sites. Casino Sites Online feature the casinos that offer free spins in their welcome bonus and how many spins they offer. We also advise where existing player free spins are available in our blog articles and email newsletters.
    Which casino site is the best also comes down to personal preference – what games do you want to play? Which welcome bonus appeals to you?

  • How do I know which new casino site can be trusted?

    Look for the proper licence, such as UKGC registration details, at the footer of each page of the site. 

    Always ensure that the site you are using is licensed to host gambling in your location. In the UK, this means a mandatory registration with the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures that the site is complying with strict gambling laws to promote fair play (such as a reasonable payout rate). It also provides you with an extra layer of protection should something go wrong.

    A great tip is to look for the site’s holding company, typically listed at the bottom of the home page. Such companies typically run many of both online and in-person casinos, giving you an insight into how they operate elsewhere. A quick web search of the company name will provide you with any past penalties received. This allows you to come to an informed decision on the safety of your new online casino.

    The best thing to do when concerned about a site’s safety is to check its licensing status. If you are unsure if a UK site is safe, you can check their license status via the UKGC site. Most casino sites will display the logo of their licensor at the bottom of the main page.

  • Are all new casino sites licensed in the UK?

    In the UK all forms of online gambling are regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). This includes new casino sites.

    Those recommended on our site, yes. There are always a handful of sites dodging government regulations online, and these must be avoided at all costs.

    All online casino sites operating within the UK market must be registered and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This is the organisation that handle all gambling-related companies in the UK market both on and offline.

    The UKGC take a strong stance on sites that fail to abide by their rules. Penalties and fines have been issued for those who have failed to comply. This should give you, the player, the confidence that sites recommended by us are only the safest and most secure.

    All casinos that allow UK players require a license via the UK Gambling Commission.


  • Is it better to play at a new casino site or at an established one?

    New casinos offer better bonuses and perks compared to more established sites. Established casino sites do not appear to be as keen to attract and keep new customers.

    This is a question that is far more subjective than objective and depends on your own circumstances as a player.

    The notional risk attached to new sites is somewhat non-existent nowadays thanks to ever-stricter regulations. We also commit ourselves here at Casino Sites Online to only recommending those that operate within legal markets. These sites can also offer some of the newest games, most advantageous bonuses, and much more in search of your custom. That said, they could suffer from bugs, slow-loading pages and other difficulties as they are often still in the development stages.

    On the other hand, there are more established, traditional online casino sites. You may find that these sites might not offer the lucrative offers seen on newer casinos. They do however feature the classic favourite games that have seen online gambling skyrocket over the past two decades.

    The casino sector is constantly changing, and new casinos need to stand out. That means that new casinos are more likely to provide a greater choice of games and big bonuses.

    Established casinos offer a sense of security with their well-known name. But it really comes down to which experience you are after. If you want to try something different, new casinos may be the way to go.