What is Slingo? A Casino Sites Online Guide

What is Slingo?

You may have seen Slingo on TV ads or online and thought, what is Slingo? Our Slingo guide answers this question!

What is Slingo? Slingo is a casino game that can be played for real money and combines parts of online slots and bingo. This slots-bingo combination is where Slingo gets its name; slots-bingo = sl-ingo!

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It was created in 1994 by Sal Falciglia Sr in New Jersey, USA and it is now owned by Gaming Realms, a casino game studio.

The version of the Slingo game that we play at UK casino sites is the Gaming Realms creation.

Slingo Riches was the original version of the game, launched in 2015, and was only available at a small number of online casinos.

Its distribution has grown rapidly and there are now multiple variants and branded versions. Slingo has established itself as a category of its own on many of the best online casinos.


Having played Slingo at many of the websites listed at Casino Sites Online, we have created this guide to show you what to expect and how to play, so that you too can experience the highs of a full house win and not be surprised should you encounter a streak of losing bets in a row. 

Many Slingo guides are written by casino sites that offer the games, so we are providing a review from a more neutral perspective.


These games are for real money and therefore 18+. Read the terms and conditions of any casino site before you start playing.

Read on to discover everything about Slingo!


How To Play Slingo Casino Game

In the base game of Slingo you have numbers on a 5 by 5 grid that looks like a bingo card.

You get an initial number of spins when you pay for a game round, such as 11 spins on most Slingo versions, but some give you less spins.

Below your list of numbers is a slot-type reel. After each spin, numbers and symbols complete this reel and if the numbers in the reel match with numbers on your grid, they are crossed off like a number in a daubed bingo card.

To win, complete a line of marked off numbers – a complete line is known as a Slingo.

Bigger prizes are paid for completing multiple lines.

Complete enough Slingos to unlock the bonus game.

After completing all of your spins and if you are close to winning, you can pay for additional spins.

The cost for each extra spin is determined depending on how much of the grid you have left to complete and the prize pots on offer. 

The price of the extra spin can be more than your original price paid to play the game round.

There are safer gambling options and controls for the number of extra spins and maximum prices offered. Select the play controls from the in-game menu before the game round.

If you have qualified for a bonus game, press collect to play it instead of doing additional spins.


Slingo Symbols

Symbols that can land in the reel (alongside the numbers): 

Jokers – pick and mark any number off the row above.

Super Jokers – mark any number in the grid.

Devils are blocking symbols and appear on the centre reel only.

Free spin symbols add an extra spin. Free spins symbols are removed from the reels for extra spins.


Best Strategy For Slingo

To help increase your chances of winning, you can play ‘best strategy’.

To play the best strategy, select positions of Jokers and Super Jokers where you will be closer to completing a line.

For example, claim the central square as it is in horizontal, vertical and two diagonal lines.

Think of ‘Connect 4’ or ‘Noughts and Crosses’ games and complete a line as soon as possible.


Free Games

When winning a free game of Slingo, you play the base game for free at a set bet amount. 

When the free game completes, you have the option to collect or continue by buying more spins.


How Much Can You Win On A Slingo Game?

The biggest prizes depend on which Slingo game you are playing. 

It is possible to win up to 10,000x on Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Slingo Fortunes to Slingo Reveal, and just 20x for a Full House on Deal or No Deal Slingo.

Best strategy has an RTP of ~95%. Some versions of Slingo are higher than this, and some are lower, so check the game help information before playing.

Each extra spin has a slightly lower RTP of just under 95% if you are using the best strategy. 


What Are The Best Slingo Games?

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The simple way to pick the best Sling game is to search for your favourite slot game theme and play the Slingo version. 

This way you get recognisable graphics, sound effects and bonus rounds.

The other way to pick is to compare game features, like:

  • Top prize
  • Prizes start at
  • Initial spins
  • Minimum stake
  • RTP

Here are some of the most popular Slingo titles.


Slingo Riches

slingo riches

RTP – 95%

Minimum stake – 50p

Initial spins – 11

Prizes start at – 1 Slingo (0.1x)

Top prize – Full House 200x


Slingo Rainbow Riches 

slingo rainbow riches

RTP – 95.6%

Minimum stake – 50p

Initial spins – 10

Prizes start at – 5 Slingo (Wishing Well bonus round)

Top prize – Full House Pots of Gold with up to 1000x multiplier


Slingo Fluffy Favourites 

RTP – 95.3%

Minimum stake – 20p

Initial spins – 10

Prizes start at – 5 Slingo (Toybox Pick bonus round)

Top prize – Full House Mega Prize Grabber bonus round


Slingo Deal or No Deal 

deal or no deal slingo

RTP – 95%

Minimum stake – £1

Initial spins – 10

Prizes start at – 4 Slingo (1x)

Top prize – Full House 20x


Slingo – the online slots-bingo combination game!

Knowing the answer to ‘What is Slingo?’ means we have a new option of game to play at real-money online casinos.

Combining the reels and bonus round feature of online slots with a single-player RNG bingo-type game, plus multiple versions of the Slingo game to choose from – gives online casino players many additional options for real money casino game entertainment. 

Thanks for reading this Slingo game guide, we hope you enjoyed it and are excited to play the game! See our online casino guide for more online casino tips, hints and game reviews.

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