What does Responsible Gambling mean?

What does Responsible Gambling mean?

Gambling Addiction

Stay in control when gambling


Responsible gambling is a term used by the government and the gambling industry to increase awareness of harms that can be experienced from gambling too much, including gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction awareness is promoted by advertising customer-imposed limits and self-exclusion schemes.

Many banks in the UK now offer their customers the option to block gambling deposits. Monzo even recently asked the UK government to force all banks to offer this.

Barclays were the first high-street bank to let customers block gambling transactionsNatWest offers this as do Lloyds bank.

YouGov poll looked at debit card blocks and whether they were an effective responsible gambling solution. It was a popular method amongst the UK public.



What are Responsible Gambling Tools?

Online casino sites in the UK that are licenced by the Gambling Commission (UKGC) must provide a number of tools that allow players to select their own limits on their gambling activities. These include:

  1. Limiting the amount of time you can play
  2. Limit the amount you can deposit
  3. Taking temporary breaks from being able to access your account
  4. Blocking your access from the casino site for longer periods of time

The responsible gambling tools are a requirement of the licensing codes of practice and are usually found in the ‘My Account’ section after you log in to your casino site account and are called:

  • Self Exclusion and Time Out – to temporarily close your account for between 24 hours and 5 years.
  • Reality Check – a pop-up at time intervals to remind you to take a break or stop playing.
  • Time Limits – for setting a time limit on sessions of play.
  • Deposit Limits – for setting a limit on deposits.
  • Account Closure – lets you close your account and turn off all contact from the casino site.



How to use Responsible Gambling Tools

  1. Go to a casino site like Sun Vegas and join by pressing the Join Now button and completing the free registration form.
  2. Click ‘My Account’.
  3. Click ‘Responsible Gaming’.
  4. Select the Time or Amount limit that you want to set and press confirm.

That’s it! You have now used the Responsible Gambling Tools and set a limit that controls your gambling on the website.



What is Responsible Gambling?

What does responsible gambling really mean? For the most part, it means you are a careful player, who focuses on what you can learn from each and every situation and how that situation can affect your future decisions. 

You study the odds carefully, but you do not gamble by luck. You do not gamble because you are lucky, and you do not gamble more to chase losses because you think other people are going to be mad or upset at you.

What does responsible gambling also mean? It means you try to play these games with as little money as possible. If you win, you must realise that you are playing a long game.


Managing risk when gambling

The longer you play these games, the more you will learn about the risks and costs of gambling. The more games you play, the more experience you get in managing the risks and costs of these games.

Gambling can be dangerous. People who are responsible enough to limit their play can control their risk to a large extent.

You can develop a strategy for each game you play. You can figure out the odds quickly and easily. When you lose, you realise what you did wrong (if anything) and can stop gambling on the games that you have just gotten yourself into.

For information on how to play online casino games and casino bonuses check out our guides:



What is Responsible Gambling services?

What does responsible gambling mean? It means that the person who is engaging in the games of chance, be it a lottery, casino games, sports betting or horse racing is trying to make sure that they are not risking more than they can stand to lose. They are not problem gambling.

To that end, the smart players will use the best of every single resource at their disposal and will play conservatively.

Responsible gambling services means that individuals who are placing bets on the games of chance will make sure that they are playing according to a set of rules that they themselves have determined to be fair.

A responsible gambling service will not encourage people to wager larger amounts than they are capable of losing.


Keeping gambling fun

Gambling as a form of entertainment has become commonplace and acceptable over the years, but not all individuals can or should be able to wager large sums of money without considering the consequences.

To the inexperienced, or uninitiated, playing games of chance and making wagers without considering the consequences can be dangerous and even disastrous.

What does responsible gambling entail? First and foremost, it means that the individual who is placing the bets on the games of chance will undertake all necessary actions to ensure that they are not putting their life or the life of anyone else at risk.

For instance, if they are placing a bet on a race for wagering purposes, then they will only participate in the bet if they can physically afford to do so if the bet loses.


Managing risk when gambling

Further, if they are participating in games of skill, they will make sure that they are practising under the watchful eye of someone who knows when to stop and if not – they will quit.

What does responsible gambling services also mean? It means that the individual who is placing the bets is always trying to maximise the payout and risk. They will never, ever place bets without carefully considering the probable outcomes and how much they stand to gain or lose by doing so.

Finally, they will never accept bets from individuals that are clearly a risk to them or a threat to themselves or their loved ones.

In short, to engage in any activity, whether wagering or otherwise, individuals must be prepared to abide by both laws and ethics.



What is a Responsible Gambling interaction?

In today’s world of online casino, it is essential to know what is a responsible gambling interaction. This goes without saying if you are going to gamble at real money casinos online and betting sites.

A person needs to understand that they are not always going to win every hand or spin so it is important to understand that you can lose the money that you put into the website.

You need to have an idea of your financial limits and it is up to you to determine what kind of a win you want out of the casino.

If you play for a long time, for large amounts of money or a large number of bets, the Responsible Gambling team of the gambling operator may reach out to interact with you.


What happens in a Responsible Gambling interaction?

A responsible gambling interaction may include making sure that you know how much money you have spent in the casino, how often you have played or for how long. They will ask this to make sure that you are in control of your gambling.

It is possible to get carried away when gambling and lose awareness of how much you have played. This is why setting your limit for time or amount of money before you play can be so important.

It is also important to remember that while an online gambling site might be a place of fun, excitement and entertainment, it can be dangerous if you are not aware of what you are getting yourself into.

With a little care and using the responsible gambling tools, you can ensure that a safer gambling interaction is not needed and will allow you to enjoy yourself at the casino knowing that you are protected from any unexpected events, and not becoming a problem gambler.



How do you become a responsible gambler?

So, how do you become a responsible gambler? One thing you must learn is that you risk losing money that you cant afford if you place bets that are larger than your limits.

The key to becoming a responsible gambler is knowing when to set limits for your own betting. Know the risk that you are willing to take and that you can’t win every time you bet.

You must also understand the game and use proper risk management techniques so that your bankroll never gets depleted more than planned.


Understand the odds

A responsible player knows how to analyse the odds of the game he or she is playing. He or she knows the gaming machine they are playing and its payout rate.

He or she also knows how much to bet on any given hand, and how much to bet on every single hand.

Most responsible players set loss limits in the beginning and stick to them. If they win or lose, try to learn from any mistakes and take a break if needed before continuing to play a game.

Becoming a responsible gambler is about learning the game, managing your bankroll using strategies and sticking to the original amount you set for yourself.


Stay in control

If you do these things you will increase the odds of winning more than you lose and then you will be glad that you learned how to be a responsible gambler.

Of course, if you don’t learn how to do any of these things, you could end up losing more money through the game than you intended.

Make sure that you learn how to play the game before you actually start playing it with real money and then you will be on the right track.

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